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Flat wires

Dimension Range Thickness: 0.10 mm to 7.00 mm
Width: 0.30 mm to 16.00 mm

Other dimensions on request

Tolerances The tolerance of thickness and width depends on the desired dimension and the edge design-specification according to customer requirements or according to Agreement.
Edge Design Natural rolling Edges/round edges Profil1
Rounded Edges/right-angle rolled (RWG) Profil2
Sharp Edge/edge radius Setting Profil3
Surface Depending on the material, delivery can be made with the following surface:
For example:
-bright rolled
-lightly Oiled
-degreased design i.e. with a largely residue-free surface
Tensile strength Depending on the material, delivery in different strength ranges is possible.
z. B. Spring – In accordance with EN 10270-1/en 10270-3
z. B. Stainless steel – Spring Hard or RM > 1250 n/mm ²
z. B. C 75 S – End Annealed and slightly rerolled
Delivery presentation Rings or coils
Almost all dimensions allow you to choose between the delivery package „coils“ or „rings“.
Special design If special requirements are placed on the wires you need, please contact Us. We are happy to check whether we can fulfill your Wishes.


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