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With the process management (qm-system) we want to further increase and strengthen the trust of our customers and clients in our Services.

At Wire has been certified since May 2007 DIN EN ISO 9001.


Customer satisfaction is our top Priority. Through the application of safe processes and procedures we guarantee an optimal fulfillment of the needs and wishes of our Customers.

Successfully completed projects have further promoted the cooperation with our Customers.

The achievement of the goals of our quality policy, demand commitment, expertise, and responsibility of all Employees.

The management is committed and committed to the continuous implementation and evaluation of the quality Policy.

Every employee is responsible for the quality of his Work. In his field of activity he knows the requirements for fulfilling the required Quality.

In order to achieve our quality goals, the skills of all employees in terms of customer and quality-oriented thinking and acting are regularly trained and further developed.

Through continuous improvements in organizational, operational and technical matters, we increase the quality of our services and Products. At the same time we keep our costs as low as Possible. We secure and improve our market Position.

Our process management is integrated in all business processes and supports a business and environment-oriented behaviour of all Participants.

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